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Why become a member of the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams?

As a new organization we are focused on our core mission, to establish a better way to address online fraud. The fact is that almost every initiative the world over has been a failure. It is now time to follow a different path, even though it is path followed countless times before in other areas of crime advocacy and in other industries.

Our intent is to build a World-Class Advocacy, Standards, Accreditation, and Support Organization for the Anti-Scam World.

Currently, by becoming a member, you will have an opportunity to help develop this organization and the future that we will create together. We believe in building a big tent that can hold everyone sincerely interested in helping create a better future that is much more free of online fraud. This is going to happen in many ways, but principal amongst them is by making better smarter and more effective anti-scam organization that are concerned about the people they support.

Benefits of SCARS Membership:

For Individuals: join in the transformation that will begin to bring an end to the uncontrolled reign of online fraud. As additional benefits are added you will automatically be eligible.

For Professionals: you will be able to take advantage of numerous committees and their work product to improve your skills. In the future we will develop accredited continuing educational courses. Additionally you will become a part of a network of professional practitioners in victim’s support, investigation, and related practices available for certification.

For Groups & Organizations: you will have access to accreditation and certification processes to improve your services and offerings, and demonstrate to the public your degree of superior practices.

For Law Enforcement: you will have access to a vast array of supplemental knowledge that will allow your agency to perform more effectively and better understand the ever changing world of online fraud. Additionally you will automatically have access to the SCARS Compliant Database of Fraudsters managed by our Data Clearinghouse partners.

For Government: you will have access to our work products and knowledge-base to aid in the development of new statutory tools for the reduction in online fraud, as well as the full support of the Society in the preparation and presentation of legislative initiatives.

In addition to these, the Society will be developing real viable Best Practices and Standards that will help all Anti-Scam Professionals, Groups, and Organization stay up to date, and comply with changes in legal processes as they come about.

Also as a living organization, we will listen to our membership to develop the tools & knowledge they need to better perform and serve their constiuents over time.

Additional Benefits:

Members will also receive the “HEALING SCARS” monthly newsletter.

Members will have access and participation in the SCARS Member’s Forum on Facebook


SCARS Members Span The World

SCARS Representing: 500,000 Victims & Members of the Public

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