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Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

Ask yourself this:

What have anti-scam groups done to stop the scourge of online fraud?

The answer is unfortunately, very little.

We need a new approach that has proven itself over and over in other areas.

We need organization, we need standards, we need to stand up in real and meaningful ways. We need a new voice against online fraud.

Welcome to the Society!

This is the new voice that politicians will listen to, that law enforcement will work with, that victims can take comfort in, and that will change the way we educate and expose fraudsters to avoid online fraud.

The Society Focuses!

The focus of the Society is online fraud in its various forms, primarily on Relationship Scams (also known as Romance, Dating, Love, or Sweetheart Scams), but also on related scam attacks directed at individuals in their personal life and at business including Phishing and BEC Scams. Fraudsters target adults, the elderly, and even more and more our children. They target all races and genders, and employ racism and gender bias to create maximum vulnerability.

Scammers are part of large scale criminal enterprises and even fund and support terrorist organizations such as ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boco Haram, and others. Some have workforces numbered in the hundreds or even thousands. Our estimates are that there are over one hundred thousand professional fraudsters operating worldwide.

The Society’s effort is directed at support for victims, understanding and analysis, knowledge acquisition and dissemination, avoidance and countermeasures, and broad reporting. Unfortunately scams are treated by many as a laughable joke yet they destroy lives (actually driving good people to suicide) and compromising businesses every minute of every day. This is why the Society was formed.

How Does SCARS Help Reduce Online Fraud?

The Society Offers Effective Programs & Initiatives

For more information about the Society’s programs, initiatives, and campaigns, please see below or contact us today to see how you can help! The first step begins with becoming a member of SCARS and adding your voice!

SCARS - Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams - being created to provide a global organization to coordinate political advocacy, public education and avoidance programs, enforcement focus, victims support, and best practices & standards management.

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The Society’s Mission

The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams is being registered  as a U.S. 501 (C) (3) (pending IRS approval) non-profit corporation in the United States.

Its mission is to provide a global organization to:

  • Coordinate political advocacy
  • Provide public education and avoidance programs
  • Contribute to an enforcement focus
  • Give victims support
  • Develop and foster best practices & standards management
公民社会的反对浪漫诈骗被注册为美国的501(c)(3)(待批准IRS )在美国的非营利性组织。


• 配合政治宣传
• 提供公共教育和规避方案
• 有助于执法重点
• 给受害人支持
• 发展和促进最佳实践和标准管理
La Sociedad de Ciudadanos Contra Estafas Romanticas está registrando como EE.UU. 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) ( a la espera de la aprobación del IRS ) corporación sin ánimo de lucro en los Estados Unidos.

Su misión es crear una organización global de:

  • Coordinar la incidencia política
  • Proporcionar programas de educación y de evitación
  • Contribuir a la aplicación de un enfoque de ley
  • Dar apoyo a las víctimas
  • Desarrollar y fomentar las mejores prácticas de gestión y las normas
La Société des Citoyens Contre les Escroqueries Romantique sont enregistre comme US 501 ( C ) ( 3 ) ( en attente d’approbation par l’IRS ) des sociétés à but non lucratif aux États-Unis.

Sa mission est de fournir une organisation mondiale:

  • Coordonner le plaidoyer
  • Fournir une éducation et d’évitement
  • Contribuer à la mise en œuvre d’une approche à la loi
  • Pour soutenir les victimes
  • Développer et promouvoir les meilleures pratiques et normes de gestion
Die Gesellschaft der Bürger gegen Romance Scam wird als US-501 (C) (3) (pending IRS-Zulassung) non-profit Corporation in den Vereinigten Staaten registriert.

Es hat die Aufgabe, eine globale Organisation zur Verfügung zu stellen für:

  • Koordination politischer Fürsprache
  • Aufklärung der Öffentlichkeit durch spezielle Programme
  • Fokus auf die Durchsetzung
  • Unterstützung für die Opfer
  • Förderung und Entwicklung der besten Praxis und des Standards Management
Ang Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams ay jisang rehustrado bilang U.S.501 (C) (3) (nkabibbing aprubahan sa IRS) ay isang “Non-Profit” na Korporasyon sa Estados Unidos.

Ang Misyon nito ay Magbigay ng Pandaigdigang Organisasyon sa:

  • Koordinasyon sa isang pampublikong adbokasiya.
  • Magbigay ng Pambublikong edukasyon at programang pangkaligtasan.
  • Mag-ambag sa pagpapatupad ng mga layunin.
  • Magbigay ng suporta sa mga biktima.
  • Bumuo at pagyamanin ang pinakamahusay na kasanayan at pamamantayan sa isang pamamahala.
Polgári Társaság A Romantikus Csalások Ellen (Society Of Citizens Against Romance Scams), U.S. 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Társaságként Került Nyilvántartásba Az Egyesült Államokban.

Küldetése ,hogy gondoskodjon a globális szervezetekről:

  • Egyenlő politikai képviseletet
  • Nyilvános oktatást és megelőzési programot nyújt
  • Hozzájárul és a végrehajtásra összpontosít
  • Az áldozatoknak támogatást nyújt
  • Fejleszti , támogatja és elősegíti a legjobb gyakorlatokat, szabványos bánásmód .
De Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams (Vereniging van burgers tegen romantische fraude) wordt geregistreerd als een US-501(C)(3) non-profit organisatie in de Verenigde Staten (in afwachting van goedkeuring door de US IRS, Internal Revenu Service, de Amerikaanse overheidsdienst die verantwoordelijk is voor het innen van belastingen).

Haar missie is te voorzien in een wereldwijde organisatie die:

  • Politieke belangenbehartiging coördineert
  • Openbare voorlichtings- en vermijdingsprogramma’s aanbiedt
  • Wetshandhaving onder de aandacht brengt
  • Slachtofferhulp biedt
  • Goede normen en gebruiken ontwikkelt en bevordert
While the Society is based in the United States, we represent Victims, Advocates, and active Anti-Scam Professionals, Group, and Organizations all around the globe.

SCARS represents more than 25,000 people (as of August 15th, 2016) and is the largest and fastest growing body dedicated to changing the world of online fraud for the sake of everyone.

We hope that you will help us by adding your voice and supporting us, not with your money, but with your energy! Why Does This Matter So Much?

Each Day There Are:

  • More Than 15.5 Million Scam Attempts
  • More Than 2,740 New Victims
  • But Only 3 Arrests On Average

Report all Scammers & Fraudsters here at www.AnyScam.com

We hope that you will help us by adding your voice and supporting us, not with your money, but with your energy!

Why Does This Matter So Much?

Each Day There Are More Than 15.5 Million Scam Attempts - More Than 2,740 New Victims - But Only 3 Arrests On Average

Hear The Latest SCARS Romance Scam Podcast

SCARS Podcast by Tim McGuinness, Ph.D.

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SCARS Project AnyScam™ Universal Scam Reporting

The SCARS Project AnyScam is designed to provide a Universal Scam Reporting Entry Point for the SCARS Compliant Anti-Scam Data Reporting Network™ for the distribution of online fraud information on the web, in social media, and elsewhere. Founded in May 2016 by the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams.

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SCARS Project AnyScam


Third Quarter 2017 – Progress & Activities:

SCARS Memberships

Represents More Than 500,000 Victims

250+ Total Individuals,
Professionals, Groups,
Organizations and Corporations


Lost 28 Major Facebook Pages

Facebook Continues To
Rule In Scammers Favor


+120,000 + Reports Of Scammers

250+ SCARS Members
Representing 500,000+ Victims

Latest Society News & Updates

Update From The Front Line

SCARS announcement ... We believe the 2016 surge is over and the number of new scam victims has dropped by at least 25% in 2017 2016 saw over 1,000,000 new victims of romance scams worldwide [...]

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SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training

SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FOR RELEASE FEBRUARY 25, 2017 Starting in March 2017, all SCARS Approved Scam Victim's Assistance or Support Groups will be required to have all permanent personnel and volunteers [...]

February 14th Log Off Facebook Day

TURN OFF FACEBOOK ON 2/14 LOG OFF AND CONNECT WITH THE REAL WORLD AND THE REAL PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE! By Tim McGuinness, Ph.D., Chairman of SCARS One of my activities as Chairman of the [...]

Thank You Mr. President

Thank You Mr. Trump For Your Continued Commitment To The Victims Of Crime and To Justice For All Just moments ago, President Trump, during the Swearing-In Ceremony in the White House declared that [...]

Why Are There Online Scammers?

Why Does Facebook & Social Media Largely Ignore Scammers? United States Law rules the Internet (or did until Obama gave the internet away this year) One of these laws is 47 U.S.C. § 230, a [...]

Russian Law Enforcement Relationship

Russian Law Enforcement Cooperation In Fight Against Scammers The Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams (SCARS) would like to thank the Ministry of Interior of the Russian Federation for their [...]

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August 5th 2016 Marks A Milestone In The Campaign Against Scams Online

Today is the day that Facebook Openly Acted To Protect Scammers on Facebook over the interests of their subscribers.

The UNITED STATES CONGRESS passed the Communications Decency Act which protected companies like Facebook from liability for things posted by third-parties, such as scammers.

However, on August 5th we have incontrovertible proof that Facebook has acted not only against the best interests of the public and their subscribers, but has also willfully purged information that exposes scammers on Facebook. It did this by removing all scammer data from our AnyScam Page on Facebook

Facebook willfully purged this information and labeled it “objectionable”, yet fails to respond in 99% of the cases where scammers are reported to them.

We believe this is solid proof that Facebook is more interested in protecting scammers then its own subscribers. In our opinion, and those of thousands of victims, this  means that Facebook has crossed the line from being a bystander to a complicit accessory to these crimes. In effect an accessory after the fact!

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Shame On You Facebook For Protecting Scammers - Don
Shame On You Facebook For Protecting Scammers - Don

Latest SCARS Projects or Initiatives

Cobalt Alerts™ by SCARS - Immediate Notification System Of Active Social Media Scammers

SCARS Latest Initiative – the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams helping to build a world without online fraud. SCARS has built the new Cobalt Alert™ System to provide immediate alerts of active scammers on social media. Cobalt Alerts appear automatically on dozens of participating Facebook pages. Contact us if you would like Cobalt Alerts to be on your Facebook page!

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SCARS - Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams

SCARS – the Society of Citizens Against Romance Scams helping to build a world without online fraud. Look for SCARS Compliant, Approved, and Certified Groups & Organizations. Report all scammers on www.AnyScam.com