SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training

SCARS Approved Victims Assistance Training


Starting in March 2017, all SCARS Approved Scam Victim’s Assistance or Support Groups will be required to have all permanent personnel and volunteers take and pass an approved training course in Online Fraud Victim’s Assistance.

SCARS believes that the professionalization of Scam Victim’s Assistance is essential for the proper and professional support of all online crime victims. That the development of training courses based upon consistent foundations is the first step to the development of professional standards and a truly supportive infrastructure for scam victims.

This training will be available to individuals from around the world, and will help establish a common criteria for assisting online crime victims and separate out unprofessional and unethical individuals and groups.

This is part of a larger effort to aid governments, specifically the U.S. Government through SCARS partnering with the United States Department of Justice in improving awareness, support, and enforcement of global online fraud. SCARS will be continuing in its efforts to develop essential standards for cyber fraud victim’s assistance standards and programs for their application.

Please follow our SCARS page for details as they become released.

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