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United States

Anti-Scam Activities: is the leading online catalog of international dating and romance scammers. Is it owned and published as a unit of PerfectReputations LLC. Romance Scams Now is published free of any cost, and is a not for profit activity that is published at a loss for the publisher. Our sole mission is to help identify those that would take advantage of vulnerable persons,
by presenting information that can be used to
more easily identify scammers of all types.

Founded by McGuinnessPublishing®, with first appearance on America Online AOL in 1991, moved to the web in 1995 as a sub-page on RSN website launched in 2013.

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» SCARS was created by a consortium of Anti-Scam Organizations, Groups, and Professionals with more than 20 years of experience in online fraud. Founded in 2015 to become the only real anti-scams standards and accreditation body in the world. We invite you to become a member now for free! We will contact you when your membership is approved about our benefits, services, and features.